Top 5 Reasons To Use a Local Agent

More and more people are considering the neighborhoods of South Los Angeles as a great place to buy a home. Here’s why you need to work with a local real estate agent, like Adam Huss Realty, to avoid running into many problems.

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With large metro line development, the building of a new NFL stadium and home to the LA Rams, the building of a new Sports Arena and home to MLS newcomers LAFC, and other large development projects, the Crenshaw Corridor is undergoing a once-in-a-generation renewal. Home values are rising rapidly, and many buyers realize the historic and culturally rich neighborhoods of Crenshaw Manor, Liemert Park, Baldwin Hills, Baldwin Vista, Jefferson Park, and West Adams will become the Culver Citys and Silver Lakes of the next 10 years, and they want to buy homes before it’s too late.

If you are one of these prospective home buyers, you may have a problem: you may not know the Crenshaw neighborhoods at all. You may not even know anyone who does know these neighborhoods. This is where Adam Huss Realty can help: Working with a local agent you can trust is the solution.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should work with a local agent in any neighborhood:

  1. 1. Overcome Your Human Nature

I’ve noticed a trend recently in the housing market along the Crenshaw corridor: Buyers in entertainment industry jobs, who have been renting in Hollywood, West Hollywood, West LA, are paying more for houses in some less desirable neighborhoods. Admittedly, desirability is subjective; however, these neighborhoods always tend to be the closest to the buyer’s old neighborhood – ie furthest north.

If you don’t work with a local agent, your human nature will lead you to look in areas that are closest to you, because we feel safer with the more familiar. I did the same thing before I bought my home in Crenshaw Manor. I spent months looking in neighborhoods with smaller lots, narrower streets, and more renters. Eventually I expanded my search, and when I did I realized that just two minutes away there were incredible neighborhoods with much nicer houses for the same price. Years later I realize just how fortunate I was to make this discovery.

With our intimate knowledge of the Baldwin Hills – Crenshaw – Liemert neighborhoods, Adam Huss Realty can guide you to the best home buying decision, one that you’ll be glad you made for years, and help you avoid getting trapped by your human nature into a decision that only feels right in the moment.

2.  Relationships

For any need in your life, you probably know somebody who knows somebody. When it comes to buying a house in a strange neighborhood, though, it can be like shopping for chocolate chips in Bangkok – you know they’ve got to be out there somewhere, but you don’t have a clue how to find them.

The real estate industry is a small family, and local connections and a professional network can mean the difference between hoping you get lucky versus ensuring you skillfully navigate the home buying process. Adam Huss Realty has a broad network of local real estate contacts to make sure that you have the inside track on any home that you consider buying.

3. Valuation

Understanding what a property is worth takes an intimate knowledge of very local trends, local price history, location nuance, proximity to local amenities, local development projects, and even local seasonal trends.

If you are trying to buy in Crenshaw Manor or Liemert Park, for instance, and a home is listed for sale at $550,000, you and your non-local agent may look at online estimates and past comps, and think, “It’s a pretty good deal, but it needs some work. Let’s offer at $540,000.” Five minutes after you make that offer, however, you’d get a call from the listing agent saying, “We have multiple offers over $600,000.”

Adam Huss Realty can help you save time and disappointment by giving you a much more accurate assessment of a property’s value than you would get from someone who is not local. Our knowledge of the local property valuation will help you make winning bids on the home you want.

4. Accessibility and Speed

Your agent should not only be accessible to you, they should be accessible to the properties you are looking at. If your agent is local, they can quickly swing by a property and immediately get a sense of whether it’s something you should see.

One of the major values your agent should add to your home buying experience is saving you time looking at properties that a quick drive-by would reveal that you wouldn’t be interested in. If your agent lives as far away as you do, you’ll likely waste a lot of time making the trip with them to view homes that you don’t want.

And by the time you see it, the house you want will already have an offer on it from a buyer with a local agent who was able to get a fast, on-the-ground assessment of the property and act quickly. In a seller’s market, buyers need agents who are nimble and local to get street-level knowledge quickly.

Adam Huss Realty saves our clients countless time and money by quickly weeding out the homes that you don’t want, allowing you to focus your time and energies on acting quickly to find and bid on the houses you do want.

5. Location

Finally, and possibly the most important reason to use a local agent: our knowledge of the neighborhoods allows you avoid many location mistakes.

Beautiful house – busy street. Great big back yard – giant apartment building looks into it. Amazing view – LAX flight path. These and many more nuances of location are the kind of things that a good local agent will know and help you evaluate as you consider homes to buy. Without an agent with intimate location knowledge of your desired home, you may end up buying a property that you wish you hadn’t – or paying more than you should have.

Adam Huss Realty knows the neighborhoods of South Los Angeles. We live and work and play here, and we save our clients time and money by giving them the best advice and guidance on location nuance.

If you need a local agent for your home purchase in Crenshaw Manor, Baldwin Hills, Baldwin Vista, Liemert Park, West Adams, or Jefferson Park, call Adam Huss Realty at 323-347-4750 today. 


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